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The CVEA is the leading voice Advocating, Educating, and Promoting for the open and fair international trade of motor vehicles in the Canadian market place.


Founded in 2019, the Canadian Vehicle Exporter’s Association is comprised of individual Canadian companies involved in the export of passenger motor vehicles from Canada to various destinations around the world. The members of the CVEA are longstanding Canadian companies who maintain positive working relationships with various officials from the banking, government, and law enforcement sectors.



CVEA was established in order to foster an open and productive dialogue between the various parties who are involved with the Canadian motor vehicle trade industry, both directly and indirectly.


During the point to point supply and export of a motor vehicle from Canada, the industry encompasses a wide range of entities, including but not limited to: registered dealer salespeople, franchised dealerships, vehicle distributors, various national banks, freight forwarders, Canada Revenue Agency, Port Authorities, Canada Border Services Agency, local police forces, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, and the various vehicle export companies themselves.


CVEA is mandated to provide expert advice to the various parties involved in the motor vehicle trade in order to secure the interests of the Canadian government, small Canadian businesses, and all Canadian taxpayers alike.


150 King Street West, Toronto, ON  M5H 1J9

Tel: 647-271-5108

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