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Since 2019, CVEA has strived to work in a manner consistent with the international scope of it's membership. Using knowledge and experience gained by members over decades of business, CVEA has been able to provide unique and specialized input to enhance the awareness of interested parties in their combined efforts in tackling a variety of uniquely Canadian issues. 

Canada is a nation based on trade.

As organized crime has exploited the mechanisms created to facilitate the legitimate trade of  vehicles from Canada, the CVEA is committed to bringing together decades of real-life experience in a collaborative approach to securing these systems, while ensuring the regular flow of goods is not hindered.

The CVEA was proud to be accepted to the first Canadian National Summit on Combatting Auto Theft and extremely honoured to be invited to appear before the federal Committee on Public Safety and National Security. Cooperative Public-Private relationships are critical when dealing with complex issues.

In March of 2019, Peter German released his seminal report "Dirty Money II". Highlighting his finds on money laundering within various sectors of the British Columbia economy, this report led the the formal 'Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in British Columbia'.

CVEA was pleased to be invited to provide a Submission to the Commissioner for his consideration towards his Final Report.

This Submission was instrumental in providing the Commissioner with a detailed look into the international vehicle trade market as well as providing recommendations which could be implemented at both the Provincial and National level to combat money laundering in Canada.

Compared to other countries with advanced economies, the competition laws of Canada are extremely unbalanced towards protecting the interests of large corporations over SME's and Canadian citizens. 

In In the spring of 2023, the Government of Canada requested public input on how to modernize Canadian competition laws.

CVEA took formal part in this process via a submission drawing attention to the prejudicial language currently in the Act against SME's who legally export Canadian goods to various international destinations. 

Market Intelligence

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ACAMS - Toronto - 7.jpg

CVEA actively seeks to engage a diverse group of industry leaders in its efforts to promote open trade while also exploring ways to ensure security in both the private and public realm.

At the 2019 IHS Markit Conference in Toronto, during his fascinating presentation sharing experiences from his distinguished carrier, former Canadian Prime Minster Brian Mulroney stated an undeniable fact that holds as true today as it did during his tenure: "Canada lives on export(s)."

Since 2019, CVEA has attended the annual Canadian conferences of ACAMS, the internationally recognized association leading the fight against money laundering.  Having the most update knowledge on global trends is critical in the battle against automotive crime. 

Canada is amongst a limited number of top GDP economies where vehicle safety recalls are left to self reporting by manufacturers. 

in 2023 Canada open public consultations to gather industry expertise on modernizing the current system.

As members of CVEA have decades of experience in the international automotive realm, we provided insight on how recalls are administered in other jurisdictions. This included proposals to enjoining world VIN recall lists with a publicly searchable VIN-specific recall database.

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